7 Jun 2016

This Just in!

With a gracious dontation from a gentleman and a scholar. Vintage Centurion was given a original owner 1985 Ironman with the original owners manual and 1985 catalog. check out or catalog pages for the newly added 1985 Catalog!

Interesting item about the 1985 catalog, it displays the specs on the cinelli equipe but shows no picture of it.

page coming soon on the 1985 Ironman and its restoration! 

Below is an excerpt from the Bikeforums in which forum member TMar shows his finding of deciphering Serial numbers for Asian country built bikes. the excerpt below has what pertains to Centurion Bicycles.  If you are fans of other make bikes that were probably built in Asia and are looking for a decipher of the SN please check out the link at the bottom. I am posting the information here for completeness and posterity sake.

15 Nov 2015

Just added the 1978 Catalog and a couple Articles and Advertisements. The catalog although no year is specified, Was rumored to be a 1977 or 1978 catalog,  it would look to be a 1978 as the Pro Tour was in the catalog and according to the 1984 Catalog the Pro Tour was started in 1978. Check out what has been added!

25 May 2015
Pic of 1987 Centurion Catalog image

After scouring the web i have come across acouple catalog scans along with a recent post from a forum site. VC.com now has catalogs for the 1979, 1984, 1986,1987 Model Years! I am always on the look out for more catalogs and higher resolutions scans of the current ones that are posted. If you can help please drop me a line. 

Enjoy !  http://www.vintage-centurion.com/centurion-catalogs

I got some more documents to post and will get them up soon. 


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