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Welcome to Vintage After doing some searching on the internet for information on Centurion Bikes, I noticed that there was some information out there but it was in little bits and pieces. there was almost no catalogs and no central location for it. So i created this site.

my hopes are to make it a great reference so if any one is looking for information on Centurion bikes from WSI . this will be the place!

As Always Vintage-Centurion is always looking for Centurion catalogs , ads and reviews to add to its online archive. if you have something please contact the

This Just In!

1972 Catalog image

1972 Catalog scan has been posted. Oldest centurion catalog on the web!

It was a simpler time back then, two models the LeMans and the Sport-10, and of course the corresponding ladies models !

Newly Acquired 1984 Comp TA

1984 Comp T/A

Vintage-Centurion has just acquired a 1984 Comp TA, It has seen some use but looks mostly original stay tuned for updates!