7 Jun 2016

1985 Catalog added!

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This Just in!

With a gracious dontation from a gentleman and a scholar. Vintage Centurion was given a original owner 1985 Ironman with the original owners manual and 1985 catalog. check out or catalog pages for the newly added 1985 Catalog!

Interesting item about the 1985 catalog, it displays the specs on the cinelli equipe but shows no picture of it.

page coming soon on the 1985 Ironman and its restoration! 


I'd appreciate it if you would credit me with the scans for the '78 catalog, since those are my scans of my copy.


Tim Fricker

'78 Centurion Professional

Thanks Tim for letting me know that was your scans! I am glad to finally have credits to give!

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hi guys, great site, very helpful.

i still get confused, though.

i got a le mans, and according to your site

the serial number is from 83, the headbadge from 82, and the downtube-logo from 84....

how does that work?

thanks, bm.

So you have a LeMans with a 1983 date in the SN, an 1984 Downtube logo and a Earlier 1982 Headbadge?  i would like to see pictures of the bike if possible, the SN in 1983 is very probable for a 1984 Model, depending on when in 1984 the bike was sold (most likely a early 1984 Model) I cannot explain the earlier metal headbadge as according to the catalogs they were stopped in 1982. Does the Lemans specs and colors match up with the 1984 catalog?

no matching whatsoever. can't even find it anywhere online.

how do i add pictures?

This spring, I acquired a 1987 Ironman Expert Dave Scott, with the original gruppo in mostly excellent condition.  Since then, I have been slowily (as $ allows) restoring it by finding a mint condition Araya wheelset, replacing the tires, repadding the brakes, adding a new racing saddle (couldn't find good-condition original), retaping the bars, and... having the frame and fork powdercoated.  I went with solid red rather than the original red/white fade, which I just couldn't get myself to like well enough to replicate.  Oh well. I don't intend to sell it--this model was the first "real" bike I ever owned (I was 15, and the bike was a few years old at that time) and, damn, I was impressed when I bought this one--still rides beautifully.

I can't wait to upload a pic when it is ready!


1) I want to replace the bottom bracket.  Can anyone advise me what the original model was, and if so, where I can find one?

2)  I'm looking for an authentic decal set before clearcoating.  I see that VeloCals has a set, but I can't be sure of the year:  http://www.velocals.com/centurion-ironman-decal-set-of-11-sku-381/.   Does anyone know if the decals for the Experts were all the same in the three-year model run?

Forgive my ignorance.  This is my first-ever vintage restoration.




Welcome to VintageCenturion. it sounds like you have the Ironman sickness like the rest of us, 

As for your questions. heres my response:

1. The original Bottom Bracket was a "Sealed" Sugino BB, i have never seen a Model on them. but its a basic Square taper Bottom bracket that has a rubber seal around where the axle comes through the Bearing cups. Most people will just go to a Sealed Bearing unit they are a little cleaner and smoother.

2. the decal set #381 that is in your link is for a 1988 Master, the Graphics changed every year for the Expert and Master. you can contact them to see if they have the Expert one. the Set #699 is for the 1987 Master Model.

I am confused and want to clarify something, There was a Red and White in 1987 and 1988 I know you said it was a 1987, but you also mention it was a Red/White Fade? the Red/White fade was 1988 and a Red with White Headtube and Seatube was 1987 (same color scheme as 1986 also.)

There are some pics of the two color schemes in the Ironman Pages on the site.



Sorry for late reply, I did not realize the comments were not forwarded to email, and I hadn't logged in yet.  

Update:  I have found an appropriate, sealed cartridge BB.  As for the decals, the decal maker is now aware of the difference between Master and Expert sets, although he did not seem to have the Expert set template.  However, he has asked for and been given detailed, high-res images for ALL the right Expert decals.  We will see how close he gets.  As I mentioned, I didn't go with an authentic fade paint job, so I'll be happy with a decal pattern that looks close.  I've already spent way more money than this bike is "worth," so I won't be reselling it and thus am less worried about 100% authenticity.

Regarding the model year, you're right:  it's an '88.  I was a little confused because it seems that there's a difference between model year and manufacture year and I wasn't really sure what that was all about.

Thanks again for your assistance and reply!  I'll be re-posting sometime in the next few weeks with a pic of the finished restoration.



Good to hear that you got it going, please share some pics when its done. 

As for the Frame Serialization, think of it this way. when the Frame Manufacturer builds the frames they add a SN to it. usually in reference to when it was built. so in your case 1987, then they get sent to another area or maybe another manufacturer, and sit in a warehouse for awhile before they are then pulled from the warehouse and painted and assembled. so although the frame was built in 1987 sometime, it wasnt til they started building the 1988 models that it actually got used. 


you should use captchas

Ahh this makes sense now. The LeMans you have looks to be a non US model. The Lemans Logo is nothing ive ever seen on any US spec bike. So its either been repainted (Bike looks original paint but i cant be sure) or its a German Centurion, which its tie in with the US Centurion is not quite clear, but they shared some of the Model names etc.. I see that the pic hosting site you are using is a German site. So im gonna guess you are in or around Germany?

most likely it looks like its the original paint, so its a German model Centurion, Which carried the same Headbadge and logos during this time frame as the US Centurion.  

i thought german centurions started round 1990?

where did they get the old headbadges?

what do you think about the sn?

thanks for your feedback

Centurion Germany started in 1976. so the old Headbadges would be current at that time.

As for the SN , it being a 1983-1984 model seems to fit with the vintage of the parts.  

well, it still got araya rims, suntour and sugino parts, so it's not all bad.

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