25 May 2015

Catalogs Added!

Submitted by admin
Pic of 1987 Centurion Catalog image

After scouring the web i have come across acouple catalog scans along with a recent post from a forum site. VC.com now has catalogs for the 1979, 1984, 1986,1987 Model Years! I am always on the look out for more catalogs and higher resolutions scans of the current ones that are posted. If you can help please drop me a line. 

Enjoy !  http://www.vintage-centurion.com/centurion-catalogs

I got some more documents to post and will get them up soon. 



Hi there!

I'd appreciate it if you'd credt me for the scan of my 1978 catalog, as I recognize it as scans I made of my copy a year or two ago and posted online.  Also, I'm pretty certain it is a '78 or maybe even '77 catalog, not '79.


Tim Fricker

'78 Centurion Professional

Sorry, I just realized you have my catalog correctly labeled as '78, and a different one labeled '79.  My mistake.

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There are a couple of threads, if not more, on Bike Forums.  One is the Centurion Ironman Information Thread, and the other started as an Ironman thread, and blossomed into a broader Centurion thread.  Tons of pics, many insights and facts.

This is a great site, by the way.

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Cool site. I own 5 Ironman.

+1 on what RobbieTunes said.

Actually I am on the bikeforums site and post in the forums as fleslider. I need to talk to you guys about using some pics of your bikes as examples for these model break down pages.

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