15 Nov 2015

More Stuff Added!

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Just added the 1978 Catalog and a couple Articles and Advertisements. The catalog although no year is specified, Was rumored to be a 1977 or 1978 catalog,  it would look to be a 1978 as the Pro Tour was in the catalog and according to the 1984 Catalog the Pro Tour was started in 1978. Check out what has been added!


Just a comment about the Professional model... the earliest examples were built in Mexico, by Acer-Mex, the same outfit that built Windsors.  Essentially, the early Centurion Professional is a Windsor Professional with a Centurion head badge and decals.  They were built with Columbus tubing, Campy dropouts, and fitted with Campy parts.  Sometime around '77 or so, production moved to Japan and the tubing changed to Tange, and parts to a mix of SunTour, Sugino, and DiaCompe.  The lugs and dropouts and such also changed at that time, but look very similar, aside from the dropouts being vertical instead of horizontal.  You might look at my blog posts about my Professional... I've got some links there you might want to share with the group:  http://spokesofawheel.blogspot.com/2015/03/re-visiting-my-centurion-prof...

Good to see someone putting together a forum for Centurion fans.  I have a Yahoo group for them but it's pretty much a ghost town.  :-)


So if anyone herea can help me.  I recently picked up an older LeMans, juding by the information here on the website its dated between 1970 and 1976 because of its head badge and downtube grapics.  Its light blue in color and I found the serial number beneath the top of the seat post on the back side of the frame. Says its 1679.  So could this be one of the orginal 2000 that were meant to be Raleighs?  Thats the only serial number i can find. Any and all in formation would be helpful? 

It could be, Sometimes the early ones have the Serial number on the side of the seat tube opposite of the drive side just above the Bottom Bracket. The SN's for the early ones have not been really cracked. you can take a look at the SN Deciphering post  (if you havent already) and see if you can figure out who the mfg was. 

Thanks for the reply.  I will double check the location you mentioned for the serial number. However as stated before the only number on the entire bike is the one I found on the backside just below the top of the seat tube, there is nothing on the bottom bracket.  I just took the photos off of my phone to make room for new ones, but I will take more and upload them as soon as I can.  

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