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I have always liked the Centurion Bicycles. I remember seeing the IronMan models as well as the other late 80's models in the bike shop and always wanting one. But at the age of 13 i didnt have any money. so sadly i didnt get my Centurion, although for 13th birthday my parents did get me a shiny new Diamond Back Ascent. But i didnt get a WSI matching Centurion Road bike. after numerous years kind of out of cycling. i have regained back the ranks of cyclist. and wanting to rekindle that love of Centurions i have started a search for a Centurion to call my own, although i dont have alot of money i did find a 1988 Accordo which was the reality bike back in 1987-1988 . Although i wanted a Ironman i would have settled for a Accordo.

Fast Fwd a few years i finally got my 1987 IRONMAN Expert. and even better its the classic Magenta/ Yellow Duotone Color!

During all of my research on the net i was suprised that there was not much information on the Centurion bikes. which is why i have created this site. | Email: admin @

My hopes is that it will be a great reference site that fans of Centurions will be able to reference for information.

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