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Competition Models

Professional (1973 - 1978):

Trac (1983):

Fixed Gear Track bike model featuring a Tange #5 frame.

Turbo (1983 -1984):

Mid- to high-end model featuring a Tange #1 frame.

Comp TA (1984):

Mid-range model aimed at triathletes and featuring

There was lawsuit from B.F Goodrich, as it shared that same name as a model tire that they held the patent on It would evolve into the Ironman for 1985 MY.

Cinelli Equipe (1985):

One year only, high-end model. It was believed to be designed by and manufactured under the supervision of Cinelli, In which it carried Cinelli stamping and other ornamantation features

Prestige (1985,1986 & 1989):

high-end model only made 1985,1986 and 1989 MY Features:

IRONMAN (1985-1986):

Mid-range, triathlon model that replaced the Comp TA

Facet (1986):

Mid-range, aluminium-framed model, featuring SunTour Sprint derailers.

IRONMAN Expert (1987-1989):

Starting in 1987 The Dave Scott Ironman was offered in two models the Expert and the Master. The Master retained the Shimano 600 Componentry and the Expert was the cheaper version of the Ironman, and it featured the new Shimano 105 components which was a all new redesigned grouppo, and introduced many firsts in technology that would end up being std on all Shimano componentry, like SLR, SIS for the rear derauliuer. 105 was favored at that time over the more expensive 600 since it was more advanced and was generally a better functioning grouppo than 600. It is unclear but in 1989 Centurion dropped the use of Shimano 105 and the expert was outfitted with Suntour GPX componentry. As with the rest of the centurion line 1989 would be the last year.

1987 Specs:

1989 Specs

*gc Index Mode:23T Max, Friction Mode: 26T Max (max difference 13T), total capacity 26t

IRONMAN Master (1987-1989):

Mid-range, The Master designation was added to differentiate it from the lower Ironman Dave Scott Expert.

IRONMAN Carbon (1988):

A high-end triathlon model by pairing Shimano Dura-Ace components to a carbon fiber frame and aluminum fork.

Original MSRP:$1,500-$1,600 and was the highest-priced Centurion of the period.

Carbon R (1989):

EliteRS, Super Elite (1979-1986):

The 1983 Elite 12 was a mid-range model with a Tange #2 frame and SunTour Cyclone deraileurs. For 1984 it was renamed the Elite RS and downgraded to Tange #3, but still sported Cyclone deraileurs.