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LeMans (RS) (1970-1989):

The model which introduced the Centurion brand and probably the most popular model through 1984 It evolved constantly over the years, In the beginning of Centurion there was two models the LeMans and the lower end Sport. Now the Lemans was not a exotic Italian or French bike. it did not have Campagnolo components . what it did have was a very well functioning Suntour components. by 1974 the LeMans had Suntour V GT Luxe. which was top of the line for Suntour in 1974. in these the days before Cyclone and Superbe

By the mid eighties they became the LeMans RS model, which was now a solid and popular income-generating, mid-priced machine.

1976 high-tensile steel frame,10-speed Front Derailleur: Suntour SL Rear Derailleur: Suntour V-GT Luxe Shifters: Suntour Barcons Freewheel: Suntour Pro-Compe Cranks: SR Apex Brakes: Dia-Compe Centerpull Rims: Araya Hubs: Suntour Sunshine Bars: Sakae Road Champion Randonneur Seat: Elina Super Pro

1980s (Early) 12-speed with a Tange Infinity tubeset and a mix of Suntour and Sugino components.

1987 it boasted the somewhat lighter and seamless double-butted Tange #2 tubeset and Shimano's "Light Action, Light Touch" group.

Centurion Lemans

Early 70s Model

1974 Lemans

Frame: Hand Brazed Hi-Tension Steel lugs with brazed on cable stops

Fork: High Tension butted steel with special chrome steel crown, chrome tips and drop forged ends

Paint: Double undercoat with two coats of baked enamel, Finished with a highly resistant clear lacquer.

Brakes: DiaCompe alloy center pull with quick release,

Brake-Levers: alloy racing levers and safety levers

Rear Derailleur: SunTour Wide range VGT/LUXE alloy

Front Derailleur: Suntour SL alloy front,

Shifters: Suntour Power stem shifters

Freewheel: 14t-28t, 5 Speed

Crankset: Tourney 5 Pin Cotterless alloy 52/40t

Pedals: MKS Balanced Rat Traps

Wheels:Araya Steel Rims

Hubs: Sunshine Alloy Wide Flange

Tires: Special Centurion 85lb Hi-Pressure Gumwall Tires

Handlebar: Sakae Custom Road Champion Engraved alloy drop bar with black tape and plugs

Stem: Sakae alloy allen head stem

Saddle: Naugahyde covered fully padded racing saddle with quilted top

Extras: Alloy Spoke Protector and two inch rear reflectors.

Sizes: 19" 21" 23" 25"

Colors: Red, Blue, Silver, Coffee, Yellow, Green

1972 Ladies Lemans

Sizes: 19" , 21"

Colors: Red, Blue, Silver, Yellow

1988 model

1988 Centurion Lemans 1988 Centurion Lemans

1988 Specs

Frame: Tange #2

Fork: Tange 2001 Mangaloy

Stays: Tange 2001 Mangaloy

Grouppo: drivetrain was complete Shimano Exage Sport, including pedals.

Wheels: Exage Sport hubs laced to Araya 700C rims.

Freewheel: 12-26T, 6 speed cassette

Chainrings: 42/52T

Bars: Kusuki aluminum models

Stem: Kusuki aluminum models.

Saddle: Centurion branded Vetta.

Weight:claimed 24.5 lbs ( 56cm frame).

Sizes 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 & 64 cm.

MSRP $425 US retail.

1989 model

1989 it appeared with the Tange #2 tubeset but fitted with Shimano Sport LX components. Alot of times the color schemes may have been used the year before on the higher models, as example the lemans above with the white to purplesmoke fade paint, although this was available on the 1988 Models,given the Decals, this was a 1989 model. Dont let the colors trick you.

In the mid 70's the LeMans sold for $139. and the Super LeMans for $189.

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