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Over the years the Centurion Logo has changed it is possible to help narrow down the year of the Centurion.

For the headbadge there are some major changes in the Headbadges. Up til 1982 they were metal badges, with pre 1979 had a star effect shaped badge and then they went to a Metal round badge. In 1983 they went to a decal.

Please note that Centurion was known to carry badging from previous year over to new models. this was probably in attempt to use up all of the old badging. and example is a early Comp TA that VCC has that has a 1983 Headbadge although the COMP TA was made in 1984 only. (pic to come) In this case it is safer to go by componentry and Model or color, for Model year of the bike compared to the logos

Headbadge Years Description
Pre 1978 Logo 1971-1978 (?) Stamped Metal Red Centurion Letters and a Black painted outline, there appears to be three versions of this badge. The version are in different sizes. (Year or Frame size breakdown between badging is unknown at this time).

Measurements in Inches of Height of headbadge from tip to tip

  • Small: 1 3/4"
  • Med: 2 1/8"
  • Large: 2 15/16"

1979-1982 Logo 1979- 1982 Stamped Metal Round badge with large "C" and Centurion Bicycle Works surrounding it
1983 Logo 1983 Decal "C" A simplified version of the previous years round badge
1984-1985 Logo 1984-1985 Decal "C" Thicker font and more stylized.
1986-1987 Logo 1986-1987 Decal "C" with Geometric shapes surrounding
1988 Logo 1988 Decal "C" Narrower and Bolder Font even more Geometric shapes, and country of Origin at the bottom of logo (1988 Accordo)
1989 Logo 1989 Geometric shapes are gone a little more Bold letter than 1988 but with themed Blue and Red Square behind, continue with the Country Of Origin at bottom of Headbadge